Sunday, 19 January 2014

Oranges for weightloss

 Oranges for weight loss

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Eating healthy isn't as hard as it seems. Snacks are often a source of high calorie eating
but combating the problem is as simple as finding a low calorie snack that is both satisfying
and delicious. By now most of us have seen the "100-Calorie Packs" available at stores of 
snacks such as cookies and chips. Some say that having such pre-portioned foods at hand could help dieters control their calories and avoid over snacking. Unfortunately, these snacks aren't a particularly nutritious choice and if price is a concern, these pre-packaged treats might
disappoint you. The solution: Try a orange for a healthier snack alternative! At just 80 calories
each, oranges make the perfect, pre-packaged, self-contained, pre-portioned healthy snack. And because oranges contain pectin, a unique type of dietary fiber that helps maintain appetite control, people who eat them tend to eat less at subsequent meals, compared to those who eat "lighter, more calorie-dense foods" such as chips, desserts or candy. Check out a few more reasons why you should make oranges and other citrus fruits your snacks of choice:

A handful of fat-free pretzels is equivalent in calories to nearly two whole oranges, but the
oranges will leave one feeling full longer, making fresh citrus an effective weight loss strategy.

1.Enjoying a whole orange with breakfast saves 30 calories in one meal and adds fiber, which 
 research shows can curb appetite and suppress hunger levels for up to four hours.

2.All things being equal, choosing an orange as a snack instead of a serving of chips or cookies can save 200 calories a day, which can translate into increased weight loss-up to 21 pounds a year!
 Taking the time to peel citrus fruit and enjoy the sweet aroma can stop "mindless" snacking and add to a more satisfying experience.


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